About Us

Hi! I am Kiley Grundstrom, founder of Save the Stripes! Throughout the entirety of my life, my passion always resided in protecting Mother Earth and her inhabitants. After hearing of the devastating fate of the tigers alongside so many other amazing animals on the brink of extinction, I knew I must take action. It is very easy to anticipate someone other than yourself will advocate for the critically endangered animals, but the reality of the situation is that every voice counts if we intend to save the tiger species. This belief led me to found Save the Stripes.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the tiger population from eminent extinction. As an avid animal lover, I could no longer passively stand by while such magnificent creatures remain victim to poaching and habitat destruction.

Save the Stripes will work to educate individuals about the fast paced extinction plaguing our planet. We will inform about the malpractices that have led to the decline in the tiger population, and how we can help save the tigers from their current fate. We plan to generate a heavy social media presence so the weight of this current situation will resonate among incoming generations. We will reach out to other animal activist groups to combine our efforts towards raising awareness. We will also appeal to individuals through our innovative and trendy merchandise, where the entirety of Save the Stripe’s profits will go towards our initial goal.

Our initial goal for 2018 will be to raise money towards protecting and ensuring the tiger population is safe from poaching and habitat destruction, and experiences an increase in total population.

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