Why Donate?

A common argument against allocating our time and resources to saving animals, like the wild tiger, is the claim that there are so many urgent human issues that surpass that of these animals. What many fail to realize is that these animals are essential to maintaining our biosphere. The loss of so many species alongside the loss of the habitats these animals inhabit, such as the forests, will have harmful repercussions to the Earth. All of the lifeforms that share our planet engage in a complex interaction with the environment, one we are just beginning to understand and one that is essential to maintaining our planet. It is irrational to assume the loss of so many species will not cause a domino effect to their respective ecosystems.

The tiger is a highly intelligent, strikingly beautiful byproduct of evolution. Nature’s animals should be awarded the right to exist and evolve alongside us, without us drastically modifying and stripping them of their natural environment. The only predator of the tiger is men. We are solely responsible for the degradation of their homes and the slaughter of so many, therefore it is our moral responsibility to save the species we drove to the brink of extinction.

“Future generations would be truly saddened that this century had so little foresight, so little compassion, such lack of generosity of spirit for the future that it would eliminate one of the most beautiful and dramatic animals that the world has ever seen.” – George Schaller

All donations made to Save the Stripes and proceeds made from merchandise will be divided up and dispersed to fund multiple initiatives to save the wild tiger. These initiatives include habitat protection and restoration, along with efforts to stop poaching.

For more information, we encourage you to contact us!

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